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A Collection Post, Wow!

This isn't a complete look at my collection, but it does feature some of the important (and beloved) things I've acquired since I found my way to the community :)

Some of these photos are gonna be from my collection, but many are the stock images or other peoples' photos (cut over from my wants post). As always, if I've used one of your photos and you want it taken down, just ask!

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Pokémon Figures in D&D!

Inspired by a question on the Pokémon Collectors community, here's me playing around with my figures and seeing what works in D&D scale! Because pokémon make the best animal companions :p

Here are some of my figures who fit nicely on standard tabletop bases (big on click).
  • Kid figures: The big munchlax in this picture is a kid figure on a large (2x2 on a D&D grid, or roughly 50mm circle) base. I'm not an expert on kid figures, but most seem to be more or less the same size. In D&D terms, you can probably find lots that are perfect for large creatures, but they definitely won't fit on medium.
  • Random gashapon: The substitute in the pic is from a gashpon set of paired subby+pokemon. That doesn't mean much, since gashapon come in a million different scales, but you'll have a decent selection of pokemon in the 25-38mm range. Finding which ones will work from which sets, will be the problem.
  • Bottlecap figures: The munchlax on the sculpted base is a bottlecap figure. His base is a BIT larger than the standard grid, but so close! Other bottlecap figures might fit nicely, though there doesn't seem to be as large a range as in, say, kids or zukan figures.
  • Choco Egg figures: The zigzagoon is a choco egg figure, and he fits perfectly on a 25mm base. (That tail needs some clearance though, obviously :p) Choco egg figures may be a good source for D&D minis, as they're all made to fit on a standard sized base.
  • Footprint/dex figures: The munchlax on the wooden base is, I THINK, a "footprint" figure. He fits excellently, and IIRC they are mostly the same size. Like the choco egg figures, they come with a standard base size, so you'll have a good chance of finding figures that will fit the 25mm circle/square nicely.
  • Zukan figures: The last two are zukan figures - the umbreon on a medium (25mm) base, munchlax on a small (~13mm) base. As you can see, there's a lot of clearance for them on the medium base, and even the umbreon fits nicely onto the small base. Zukan are in scale with one another, rather than being sized for a standard base, so if you want a nice range of figures in different size categories, these will do a great job.
  • Minicots, stampers and others: Unfortunately I don't have any of these in my collection. Maybe somebody else could advise me?


I could never go past zukan figures for D&D use! I'm biased toward them anyway, since they're mostlky very high-quality figures, but also I love that they're in scale with one another. If I put a bulbasaur and a venusaur on the table next to each other, I want the venusaur to be a lot bigger, right?

They are also really close to being in-scale with standard 28-32mm minis, if you're using your pokemon alongside standard characters. I have a leafeon zukan playing my blink dog cohort right now, and he looks fantastic on a battlemap XD

Of course, zukan will probably not be the cheapest to buy ^^; Some, especially the older ones, are extremely expensive now. Also, many zukan don't stand up nicely without a base - if you don't want to glue them to a D&D base, I recommend just using some plasticene. For fliers who go on pegs, you could drill a hole into a big-standard plastic base to fit the peg - giving much the same style as the plastic WotC and Paizo pre-painted minis.

On the other hand, if you value a standard base size rather than relative scale, the choco-egg figures seem like a good bet. They're not too rare for the most part, and they're still releasing new series, so it shouldn't be too hard to build up a good collection.

As an alternative, if you want to use only pokemon figures for a game - like, not mixing in any normal tabletop minis - what about going double size? If you use a 50mm grid rather than 25mm, you could use kid figures and have access to a very large, very affordable range of monsters. Of course it won't work if you have modelled scenery sized for 25mm grids, but if you're drawing/printing the scenery it could be a great solution.
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Permanent Sales Post: Fandom Goods

Hey there folks! Here's a little page for my custom work. You can buy this stuff from my shop online, or through comments here if you prefer (prices are the same, so it's really up to you).

All pictures are links to the big version!

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You can also buy from my online shop if that's more convenient for you :)

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In which I rank my favourite pokemon

Because I might be a dork or something :p

Tier 1: Absolute All-Time Faves
Milotic • Audino • Gardevoir • Glaceon • Leafeon • Munchlax • Whimsicott • Mawile • Serperior
(My top tier - a team full of stylish, elegant pretty-boys, and one fat little tankmonster <3)

Tier 2: I also Adore
Rattata • Mightyena • Zangoose • Espeon • Umbreon • Eevee • Delcatty • Vulpix (both regions) & Ninetales (both regions) • Poochyena • Suicune • Minccino • Ampharos • Tyrunt • Tyrantrum • Lapras • Dragonair • Furret • Zigzagoon • Linoone • Chesnaught • Absol • Quilava • Reuniclus • Lopunny • Purrlion (quadruped style) • Pikachu (oval face style)

Tier 3: Pretty Great
Charmander • Squirtle • Bulbasaur • Joltik • Galvantula • Kangaskhan/Mega Kangaskhan • Skiddo & Gogoat • Braviary • Flygon • Pachirisu • Emolga • Sky Shaymin • Celebi • Lugia • Rockruff • Reshiram • Tyranitar • Lucario & Riolu • Deerling & Sawsbuck (all forms) • Golem • Zygarde 10% (Zydog?) • Cubone & Marowak (both regions) • Alola Rattata • Meowth (quadruped style) • Persian • Precious Baby Mimikyu • Snivy • Tepig • Pikachu (square face style)

Tier 1
(Until the 3DS theme, I never realised how much I adore this fat, happy little dinosaur. One of the few things I like plushes of.)
Gladion • Lillie • Hau
(This generation had fantastic characters. I wanna do smooches on all my Alola friends.)

Tier 2: N

Tier 3: Team Rocket • Team Skull
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Tiny plastic monster wants! :D

(Updated 2018-07-29)
Well, I've been around for a few months and I reckon it's about time I got greedy. Time for a wants post! :D

Me and Collecting

So, I don't have themed collections per se. Sure, I usually want more of my favourite monsters, but it's always about whether or not an item makes them look especially cute/cool/interesting. I'm not the type of collector who needs everything made for her faves (good thing too, I'd be super broke!)

My favourite things are figures in unusual poses, rather than the stock pokedex type pose - so things like clipping figures, ippai figs, chess figs, TFG figs and whatnot. Also, I prefer things that are on-model - that is, proportioned like the pokémon is normally drawn. For example, while I love kid figures of cute mons like munchlax and charmander, I would pass on a kid-styled suicune or serperior.

Of course, if I do have a "main" it's munchlax, which is truly my totem. I'd love to be tagged on sales with munchlaxen.

I love the heck out of zukan figures. Not only are they (usually) great for being on-model, they're the right scale for use in D&D! Which is another of my truest loves ^.^ So, please feel free to tag me in on any zukan sales.

Things I'm not looking for: With occasional exceptions, I don't generally collect plushes (too big, too squishy). Also, I don't care for the various poncho/costume merchandise lines—I'm just not into critters wearing person clothes. Finally, as a rule I prefer a pokemon's standard colour scheme to any others—shiny colour palette, metallic/pearl/glitter variants, and clear variants don't really interest me.

OKAY, now on to the wants list!